Club instruction

Without doubt this is the best method of rc airplane or helicopter training, and is the only realistic option.  PAMA has rc flying instructors, or at
least pilots who are willing to teach.  A trainer aircraft may even be available.  Contact any officer for more information.  Before spending one
penny toward your rc aircraft please visit us at the field and speak to someone about learning to fly.  We can save you a lot of time and trouble
and are happy to help, we've all been there.

Two Types of Training

The first is the traditional method of side-by-side instruction, sharing a single transmitter. The instructor will show and tell you what to do,
and if you get into difficulty he will take the transmitter from you and regain control of the airplane.  When your heart has stopped racing and you
can breathe normally again, he'll hand back the transmitter and you can have another go.

The second method is the buddy box system. The buddy box system consists of two transmitters that are joined together by cable.
The instructor holds the master transmitter while you, the student, hold the slave.  This is the preferred method.  With the flick of a switch, the
instructor can instantly hand over or take away complete control from you, without having to take the transmitter from your hands.

RC flight simulators

RC flight simulators are an excellent training aid.   We recommend RealFlight G6 by Knife Edge Software for $200.00.  This is a realistic 4
channel radio control transmitter that connects to your home computer. The simulator includes powerful software to generate the extremely
realistic graphics and sounds that let you practice your rc flying without the worry of crashing your new model.  When you do crash simply
press the reset button and you have a new plane.

RC flight simulators are very popular for obvious reasons - you can practice in complete safety from the comfort of you home. A simulator helps
you gain the reflexes and co-ordination that you need for rc flying, and this is especially true for rc helicopters.  Simulators are an excellent
training aid but are not a substitute for the real thing.

Learning to Fly Radio Contro Aircraft