Welcome to P.A.M.A.
PAMA is a Radio Controlled Aircraft Club located in
Northern Michigan's Emmet County.

PAMA members range from beginner to expert. 
We enjoy flying sport, aerobatic, scale aircraft,
sailplanes, gliders, helicopters, gas, glowfuel,
and electric.

We're always interested in welcoming new
members, so if you're new to the area or if
you're interested in getting started in R/C feel free
to contact any of our club officers or members. 
We will be more than happy to answer any
questions you may have.
Visit AMA District VII  to see other flying club
websites in the state of Michigan and around
the midwest plus much more.
                    In The News
Interested in learning to fly?  PAMA has
RC flying instructors, or at least pilots who
are willing to teach.  A trainer aircraft may
even be available.  Contact Jim Dryden
for more information.  Before spending one
penny toward your RC aircraft please visit
us at the field.  We can save you a lot of
time and trouble and are happy to help.
AMA government relations Link
Learn of issues facing our hobby.
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     Next PAMA Meeting
      To Be Announced.