Flying Field Guidelines
You must be an AMA member to fly.
If there are two or more pilots at the field use the frequency board.
Place your AMA card in the slot and take your pin.  When not
using your radio, please return your pin so someone else can fly.
Fly from stations only.  Spotters are recommended.
Start engines inside the safety fence and point plane away from the pits.
Engine testing, other than preparing for flight, should be done at the
far ends of the pits.
Engine noise shall be limited to 90db at 9 feet.
Flying on Sundays is not to begin before 12:00 noon, all other days
at 9:00am
All planes should fly in the same direction if more than one plane is
flying.  When taking off, planes should taxi to the middle of the
runway and take off into the wind and begin their turn as soon as
they cross the end of the runway.
DO NOT fly over the Road Commision parking lot!